1. Room painting in different nuances and effects

This is the most important part of wedding lighting.  This lighting is fixed over the whole room (walls, ceiling, entering door etc.) Blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink or any other nuance you want makes the room into another world. Every wedding room has its beauty but ordinary white light stresses too many bad details. With our lighting we discover new beauty, deeply hidden secret beauty.

2. Dance floor lighting with light-show

Light-show and special effects will improve the atmosphere because it will make guests dance. Lighting synchronization is also needed, synchronization with music and things happening at weddings: newly-weds’ firs dance, cake cutting, dancing, bouquet throwing etc. Each part of the wedding will be pointed out in its own way. The technician controls the lighting over the control desk, by regulating and synchronizing the programme. Light-show is not used the whole night, only during the music-dance programme.

3. Setting the special effects machine

Special effects are very interesting group of machines. They lift the atmosphere maximally, cause glamorous effect and make contact with audience. Those are:

  • fog machine
  • low fog machine
  • bubble machine
  • foam generator
  • snow generator

All the machines are completely harmless for people and environment and biodegradable. They also point out lighting and strengthen light sheaves visibility. That is achieved when light penetrates through the smoke and when it is broken through bubbles.

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